​​​​​​​​​​People's Choice 
People's Choice Votes are used to show your support for your participant. The Participant with the highest amount of People's Choice money raised will receive the People's Choice Title. People's Choice Donations can be made in advance using the links below and by paying cash on the day of the show.

People's Choice Donations

**Please list Partipant's name in the SHIP TO section so that we will know who to apply the points towards.**

$1 Donation - $1 ​​

$5 Donation - $5

$10 Donation - $10

$20 Donation - $20

Star Grams 

Star Grams are good luck wishes to the Participants. They're $1 each and will be delivered to the Participants during the show. Star Grams can be purchased in advance by using this link and will be emailed to you. You can also pay cash for them the night of the Talent Show. 

Star Grams - $1 each

Vendor Tables - $25 each


Name & Business Name

Each person is required to have a ticket to enter the Talent Show. The Participant will be admitted for free.  All others must have a ticket (ages 2 years and up). Tickets purchased here will be held as Will-Call at the ticket table.  **Make sure that your name is in the SHIP TO section so that we will have your information.** If more than 5 tickets are needed, please make multiple purchases. Ticket prices are $10 at the door on the day of the show.

Talent Show Tickets - $10 at the door

Talent Show Tickets - $7 each